I have always maintained a love affair with the earth and a fascination with color, texture and light. I am intrigued with the change in illumination from dawn to dusk or autumn to summer; how is it that an element so simple as light can transform the hue of a river, a meadowland or a mesa.

My desire is to express in the abstract the imagery I see in nature; patterns, surface elements, space and the seasonal shifts of vibrancy. Through the manipulation of color and texture, it is hoped that the viewer is imbued with a feeling of contemplative passion.

Large scale canvases are my primary medium, while occasionally working on paper. My pieces reveal themselves to me through the use of oils, encaustic, soft pastel, oil stick and pencil, applied with a palette knife, brush, rag, and sometimes a bare hand. Layering, scraping, scratching, incorporating text and in some cases, scraping away part of a layer, allowing each painting to slowly expose itself. The result is a transparency of color that draws the viewer into the chasms, crevices and deeper soul of each painting.